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Join us for a FREE showing of War Room at the Rowland Theater on Sunday, September 24th.

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Warrior (pt. 4)
by Pastor Noel Meyers

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In this sermon series, Pastor Noel discusses what it means to be a Warrior.

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gFree is a Christian church located just outside of Philipsburg, PA. We are relaxed and casual on Sundays, but we are serious about following Jesus with our whole lives. Our top priorities are loving God and loving people, just as Jesus taught. Whether you are following God or still figuring out what you believe, gFREE is a place you can belong and grow.

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Mondays With Merry

Pastor Merry

Opening Closed Minds and Softening Hardened Hearts


Ten years ago, I was given a book as a birthday gift. If you have not learned through my blogs that I am an avid reader, you seriously need to pay closer attention! That particular birthday gift, though, was not a book on my wish list. In fact, it would have been on my "Do Not Buy/Read" list. There was so much bad press about the book from the Christian community that I guess I just trusted the Christian community. It was blind trust, though, and I should have known better.

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Clumsy Flamingo

Ungainly Grace

by Elaine Selfridge 08/25/2017

I don't share this with many people, but my middle name is Grace. I don't tell people because A) when I was younger, I felt like Grace was an old lady name and B) I am pretty much the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of Grace. I believe I may have been the source of the "awkward flamingo".

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