Our Values



We welcome all people because they are loved and valued by God and we do the same. We do this by extending great hospitality to whoever comes.


We value the people outside of our church and aim to make them feel as welcome and comfortable as possible so that they may become part of our church.


We value spiritual growth which means to challenge ourselves with next steps of faith. We long to be a place where people are able to speak into each other’s lives.


We value prayer as the source of God’s power in us and all that we do. We want to be a prayer-saturated church that covers everything in prayer.


We value music because it is one of the core languages of our culture. We want to develop a culture of music that is modern and expanding.


We value getting everyone involved. We believe service is essential to discipleship. We are here to serve one another and our community.


We value being connected with others when we learn (groups) and when we serve (team work). No one should ever be alone.


We value growing in our leadership capabilities. We believe God works through capable, spiritually mature leaders.


We value the Church’s mission over personal preference and history. We remain flexible and adapt to changing circumstances. We constantly evaluate ourselves seeking the most effective means to accomplish the vision.