As the coronavirus response continues to develop and change, gFree Church is adjusting its plans and responses to the situation. 

We had hoped that the gathering limitations would only last 2-3 weeks. It seems that the current state of affairs will last longer to much longer. So as of now, gFree Church will not physically meet for an indefinite period of time. A fairly good indicator is that when schools reopen, we will reopen. Until then, we will provide a weekly online sermon live at 10 am each Sunday morning.

gFree Church does remain open through our networks of people. The building was never the church. It was the people and we remain. We have teams of people watching out for the vulnerable and working on food drives for other community groups. We will be introducing numerous online groups for people to connect, learn and support one another. The staff will be providing online classes for encouragement and learning.

gFree Church is ready to be the church God has called us to be by loving people and making disciples especially in the midst of this tremendous social upheaval. God is good, and He makes a way forward for all of us.

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