To move people toward Christ and help them to develop into fully devoted followers of Christ.


To multiply ministries, disciples and leaders and become a high impact church in the Moshannon Valley by bringing hope and freedom found in Christ.


To connect the disconnected and engage the unengaged in order to bring them to a fresh experience of faith.
To develop and empower every person to live out their God given purpose.
To love and serve the people of our community.


  • in one true living God, eternally and infinitely powerful, wise, good, righteous, loving, and faithful. He alone is the Creator and Sustainer of all living things. God is three distinct Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit; yet one God.
  • the Bible is the inspired Word of God and the authority for our beliefs and life decisions.
  • all people sin by disobeying God and are separated from Him. However, His amazing, never-ending love for everyone has made a way for all people to find Him.
  • our only hope is trusting in Jesus Christ who died on the cross to reconcile us to God. This salvation is received as a gift from God and cannot be earned by being good enough. Repentance and faith are key parts of receiving this gift.
  • The Holy Spirit heals, transforms and empowers us to live God-centered lives.
  • the Church is God’s creation. We are a fellowship of faith; the hands and feet of Jesus in this world to do good. The church’s mission is to share the good news of Jesus with everyone and welcome them into our community.
  • the Christian life is a daily journey of becoming who God wants us to be. We encourage one another to grow in our relationship with God with regular worship, prayer, serving, giving and connecting with one another. We cannot do this alone.
  • the return of Jesus Christ is real and that all people will answer to God for the life they have lived. We believe in real eternal consequences – Heaven and Hell. This drives us to share the good news of God’s love to everyone because we were all made for Heaven!

Our Values



We welcome all people because they are loved and valued by God and we do the same. We do this by extending great hospitality to whoever comes.


We value the people outside of our church and aim to make them feel as welcome and comfortable as possible so that they may become part of our church.


We value spiritual growth which means to challenge ourselves with next steps of faith. We long to be a place where people are able to speak into each other’s lives.


We value families and seek to gear our church toward them to help them become households of faith. We believe that faith must be passed on in the home.


We value music because it is one of the core languages of our culture. We want to develop a culture of music that is modern and expanding.


We value getting everyone involved. We believe service is essential to discipleship.


We value working together and seek to build a team culture where people serve in groups and not alone.


We value growing in our leadership capabilities. We believe God works through capable, spiritually mature leaders.


We value the ability to make changes and adapt as necessary for the mission. We choose mission over personal preference.